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    free Kiridit Loka Kasino

    Communitors of nada

    Our Members Are...

    • Writers & Editors

    • Journalists & Broadsters

    • Event Planners

    • Social Media Experts

    • Illustrators

    • Scientists & Researchers

    • Students

    Become a Member

    Book Awards

    We offer two annual book awards to honour outstanding contributions to science writing for:

    1. Children aged 8-12 years.
    2. General public audience.
    Competitors must be nadian citizens or residents, but need not be SWCC members.

    Entries, in either French or English, must have been published in nada during the current lendar year. 

    Join our board of directors

    Joining the SWCC Board of Directors is an excellent opportunity to participate in setting the annual agenda, help foster the growth of the SWCC and get your ideas across to our community!

    The Science Writers and Communitors of nada will be electing four directors to its board at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on September 13, 2022.

    To apply as a ndidate for these posts, just complete the nomination form and circulate it to two nominators for their signatures. In accordance with the terms of the SWCC Constitution, nominations are now open and will close at 5 pm EST on August 5, 2022.

    If you have questions about any aspect of the process, please let us know here.


    Our resources page highlights some of the ways that you n start your reer or get involved in Science Communition.

    Whether you learn through formal edution, short courses, or seminars, there are many ways to become a science communitor!

    Proceed through the link below to read more about the programs offered across nada Today!

    Meet the SWCC Team

    Our team is made up of a volunteer Board of Directors and 1 part-time, contract General Manager. Together we work to support the members of the SWCC through professional development, networking, deliving into deep ethil questions about our professions, and by supporting and promoting the work of our members at events, conferences, and online. We aim to be a place where science writers, science communitors, science journalists, enthusiasts, and students come together to build a strong community of science writers and communitors.

    Our Team


    P.O. Box 75 Station A

    Toronto, ON

    M5W 1A2

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